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Dr. Corey Gray, the third generation of Gray Chiropractic, has honed his skills in the Missoula area for since the fall of 2000. Prior to entering Chiropractic College in St. Louis, Missouri, Dr. Corey pursued an active lifestyle in organized sports and the outdoors while growing up in Montana. In 1993, Dr. Corey moved to New York to follow a desire to enter the dance and performing arts community of New York City. Education always played a role in life during this period with universities and colleges adding to the life experience and knowledge base building to a decision to enter Chiropractic College in 1996. Like all good students and performing artist, Dr. Corey spent quite a lot of time working in the fine dining field waiting tables and learning about the interesting culture surrounding that environment.

The decision to return to Montana to practice was born of the experiences in this educational time. A return to the mountains and the lifestyle the area can provide were key in bringing Dr. Corey back to his hometown. The opportunity to learn from the vast knowledge base of his grandfather and father were hard to ignore. Dr. Corey is happy to be in this community serving an ever-expanding need as the population continues to grow.

Dr. Corey focuses on the form and function of the human body in his practice, both in treatment and evaluation. A hands on problem solving approach is brought to every patient encounter.

When out of the office, Dr. Corey passionately enjoys his time with family, friends the great outdoors. Motorcycling and elk hunting are his primary hobbies and it is recommended you keep him away from these topics if your time is important to you.

Missoula Chiropractor | Corey W. Gray, D.C.. Dr. David C. Gray, DC Corey Gray, DC is a Missoula Chiropractor.